Vivius supplies creative solutions that would be impossible without our technology.

Vivius believes that a pending lawsuit is an asset of the plaintiff, and that many companies would benefit by being able to identify which of their customers may receive money from the proceeds of a lawsuit.

Vivius has developed the world’s most robust litigation database, containing over 20 million lawsuits, and growing daily. Our litigation data has nationwide coverage and includes 100% of cases in Federal Courts, and over 90% in State Courts.  Our patented proprietary products use our sophisticated Docket Analytics™ to Match our litigation data with a customer’s database of individuals.  Vivius identifies which of your accounts are held by people who have filed a lawsuit, potentially increasing your ability to collect what they owe.

Our Recovery Data Connect™ subsidiary is currently analyzing over 200 Million patients and has identified over $5 Billion of subrogation recovery opportunities for Health Insurers that were overlooked by traditional methodologies.

Vivius technology is also used to help Hospitals collect unpaid bills, Workers Compensation and Disability Insurers to identify subrogation recoveries, and Lenders/Creditors collect unpaid balances.

Vivius strictly helps identify the potential recovery opportunity by Matching the individual with a pending lawsuit, and providing that lawsuit information to our client.  Our clients then investigate the information that we provide, and pursue the recovery.

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