If you’re not using Vivius, you don’t know what you’re missing™.

Vivius’ wholly owned subsidiary, Recovery Data Connect, L.L.C™ works with Workers Compensation Insurers and subrogation service companies to identify subrogation recovery opportunities that are not identified by traditional methodologies.

Whereas traditional methods strictly analyze claims data and do not usually use litigation data to identify insureds to contact, we have built one of the world’s largest actionable databases of litigation information, and the only large-scale litigation database which has been optimized for identifying subrogation opportunities. Our litigation data has nationwide coverage and includes 100% of cases in Federal Courts, and over 90% in State Courts.  Our patented proprietary products use our sophisticated Docket Analytics™ to Match our proprietary litigation data with a customer’s database of individual insureds.  We can identify which of your insureds have a pending lawsuit from which you can recover your claim payments via subrogation.

We act as a second-pass, so you only pay us to find what your traditional methods didn’t find.  We strictly identify subrogation recovery opportunities, then report our Matches back to you, so that you can investigate and collect them.


  • A construction worker who works for the drywall subcontractor is injured on the job and files a Workers Compensation claim, but later files a lawsuit against the architect or the general contractor.
  • A forklift driver is injured on the job and files a Workers Compensation or Disability claim, but later files a Product Liability lawsuit against the manufacturer of the Forklift.

In each of the above cases, there is no way to distinguish between the worker who filed a lawsuit, and a similarly injured worker who did not file a lawsuit. In these examples, a worker with a lawsuit has the same medical bills and procedures as a worker who is not suing, so there would be no way to use the claim data to determine which of them has a pending lawsuit, and it would be impractical and undesirable to contact every injured worker to ask if they happen to have a lawsuit.  Our Docket Analytics™ methodology is the best way to systematically identify this recovery opportunity, because instead of identifying “patterns”, Vivius Matches the medical bills to pending lawsuits.  Traditional subrogation methods cannot identify a pattern where none exists.

We currently analyze paid claims data for over 200 Million insureds and over $1 Trillion of our clients’ paid claims.  Although our largest presence is in the Health Insurance industry, we also analyze Workers Compensation claims to identify recovery opportunities that were not identified by our clients and which warrant investigation.

We are highly efficient at analyzing large volumes of data.

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