Vivius was founded by L. Howard Wizig in 1999. Vivius supplied patented technology that enabled one of the earliest Consumer Driven Healthcare products, the Personalized Healthcare System.  Tracy Rouchka joined Vivius in 1999 shortly after it was founded.

In late 2009, Vivius acquired Recovery Data Connect™, L.L.C. (“RDC”).  RDC was founded by James McKown in 2005, when he identified a tremendous opportunity: the then existing approach used by Health Insurance subrogation vendors did not avail itself of public litigation data.  In response, RDC developed a highly scalable methodology and proprietary Docket Analytics™ technology to “Match” a health insurer’s claims to RDC’s robust proprietary litigation database.  Byron Long joined RDC in 2006, shortly after it was founded.

Following Vivius’ acquisition of RDC, the company began expanding its technology to new markets.  Today, the Vivius Docket Analytics™ technology can be used not only to help Health Insurers and Workers Compensation and Disability Insurers recover payments, but also to help Hospitals and other Creditors collect their unpaid receivables.

Vivius technology currently touches the lives of over 200 Million people and analyzes over $1 Trillion of accounts for our clients.  Vivius is based in Overland Park, Kansas.

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