Vivius considers a pending lawsuit as an asset, and that learning of this illiquid asset is very valuable to a lender or creditor.

Vivius has built one of the world’s largest actionable databases of litigation information, and the only large-scale litigation database which has been optimized for identifying which of your accountholders might receive proceeds from a lawsuit. Our litigation data has nationwide coverage and includes 100% of cases in Federal Courts, and over 90% in State Courts.  Our patented proprietary products use our sophisticated Docket Analytics™ to Match our proprietary litigation data with a customer’s database of individuals.  We can identify which of your accounts are held by people who have filed a lawsuit which might increase your ability to collect what they owe.

If you have customers with delinquent or overdue accounts, we can help you better understand which of them have a pending lawsuit which will better enable them to pay you.  Whether you are buying, selling, or servicing these types of accounts, Vivius can help you.

Vivius is highly efficient at analyzing large volumes of data, and is most economical for customers with at least 100,000 accounts each with an outstanding balance of at least $2500.

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